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This site has been set up as part of a research project ‘Making Asylum Seekers Legible and Visible’ funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).  The research team members are Dr Nick Gill, Dr Deirdre Conlon, Dr Imogen Tyler and Dr Ceri Oeppen.

The US and UK rank globally among the top ten recipients of applications for asylum. Yet very little research has been done to compare the experiences, register the challenges, and record the success stories of asylum activist and advocacy groups in these contexts. Between 2010 and December 2011 we will compare the experiences of different pro-asylum organisations in the US and UK; this website plays an important role in our project.

With this website we hope to create a virtual network of asylum activist groups.  For whilst there is a huge diversity of individuals and activist organisations working with asylum seeking communities many might not be aware of each other, and could benefit from each other’s experiences and insights. We hope over time this site will develop into a useful  resource and that it will also be an important record of some of the inspirational activism taking place in and with asylum seeking communities in the UK and USA. If you work with an organisation focused on welfare support or advice to asylum seekers or other similar marginal groups please contact our research team who will work with you to develop a profile for your organisation.

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