Our Thanks to You … and a New York state of mind

In the US, we’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving, it’s a time when immigration issues past and present and riddled with complexity come to the fore as the November 28, 2011 cover of the New Yorker highlights.

The Thanksgiving edition of The New Yorker highlights the past and present complexity of immigration, we might dub this "pilgrimmigration".

The New Yorker

It’s also a good time for our project team to express sincere thanks to participants and provide an update on the Asylum-Network project.

We have now completed the second phase of our project, which involved interviewing representatives from organizations that work to advocate and support asylum seekers. We’re happy to report that 40 organizations from the US and UK have shared their experiences dealing with challenges as well as their ideas on what’s needed to promote success within the asylum and migrant support sector.

We want to thank all those interviewed, and project participants more broadly, for their time, energy, and commitment to this work and to assisting us with our project. Participants have shared tremendous insights and ideas, which we appreciate greatly. As one of our aims with this project is to facilitate the exchange of ideas on challenges, resources, and strategies to support asylum seekers we are now working to compile and share project findings in a published report. This final report will be available in January 2012; stay tuned for the release of the report.

And more New York news:

A heads up for US participants and members of the migrant support community, the project co-directors – Deirdre Conlon and Nick Gill – will host a forum for US participants and members of the asylum support community. We invite participants from the migrant support community to join us for this event; if you’re in the Northeast region please join us in person. We hope to have web-conferencing available so representatives in other areas of the US can take part too; If you’d be interested in being part of the forum do let us know. The forum will take place in New York City in late February 2012; the finalized date will be announced shortly on this site; stay tuned for further details about the event and opportunity to share findings, exchange ideas, and discuss how this project and other researchers can help to support your work in the asylum sector and migrant support community.


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